Results of the day: the situation around the Chishmikoy Lyceum, a gift to newborns, the prospect of the youth of Chadyr-Lunga, an obstacle in the development of the country - low wages

Опубликованно 11-01-2018, 22:19

Chishmikoy Lyceum, removal of the director of the educational institution from the managerial post and accusations against the deputy from the village of Chishmikoy for the second week cause heated discussions in the Gagauz society. As commentator Yekaterina Zhekova and editor of Internet publication Cesma.md Dmitry Yanul comment on the situation, read on our website.

From today on, women will receive gift packages from one Moldovan pharmaceutical campaign. More details can be read here.

A youth center was opened in Ceadir-Lunga. Details can be found on our website.

It turns out that the development of our country is hindered by low salaries. Read more about this.

The Sabaa team.